Gary, Lyn, and Cliff in the Morning

Gary Shores  As a kid growing up in Dearborn, Michigan, all Gary Shores did was listen to the radio. CKLW, Keener 13, WXYZ, WJBK. Homework? Forget about it! He had radio stations to listen to! (Kids, don’t do this at home, do your homework and eat your vegetables). With stations like these, Gary couldn’t help but want to get into radio. So right out of High School at age 19, he started WIDG in St. Ignace, Michigan. From there he worked at WNRS and WNRZ in Ann Arbor, WGMA in Hollywood, Florida, and his last stop was in 1975 to Toledo! Gary started working in Toledo at WTOD in July of 1975. Then, in September of 1981, K-100 was born! He’s had a lot of great times on K-100 over the years. Harvey J. Steele and Gary Shores became on-air partners in 1994, and became Toledo’s first afternoon “team”, even taking home a CMA Broadcast Award in their first year! Then in 2000, they moved to mornings and have had a blast ever since. Hard to believe they are Toledo’s longest running morning show. “We are truly the two luckiest guys in radio. Get up and have fun every day, play great music, and know we are blessed with the greatest listeners in the world.” Gary says. “Really more like the greatest friends in the world. Thank you for your great support all these years!”

Lyn Casye – Lyn started her radio career in rock ‘n roll!  A Toledo native, Lyn has been in radio since 1986 and happily has maintained employment in the hometown that she loves.  Her voice has been heard on several local stations over the years,but currently it’s on K100 Morning Show! Lyn is also a licensed Realtor and loves music, horses and dogs, enjoys running and being outdoors.  Her very favorite thing to do is to spend time with her husband Chuck and their two now teenage daughters, Caitlin and Carly.

Cliff Smithers – Cliff began his radio career right here at K100 back in the summer of 1989.  Country music is in Cliff’s blood and he loves being back on K100 with his good buddy, Gary Shores and great friend, Lyn Casye! Cliff is a huge baseball and you can find him at most of the home games for either the Detroit Tigers or Toledo Mud Hens during the summer.  He recently had an audition with the Detroit Tigers for the PA Announcer job at Comerica Park….Cliff said, “even though I didn’t get the job, it was a thrill for me to sit in the booth and announce a line-up for my favorite team and hear my voice echoing throughout Comerica Park…only a few get that chance and for me it was certainly exciting since I’ve been going to Tiger games since I was 8 yrs. old ”  Cliff has 3 children and 5 grandchildren and loves spending time with them all.



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