K-100 Lost and Found Pet Page

K100 Lost and Found Pet Page


My name is Lisa Fox. I am from Wauseon Ohio. My two huskies got out of my fenced in yard Tuesday, November 24, 2020. They both have collars with my information on them. Their names are Brutus and sky. They are very friendly and friendly to other animals. They have been missing for over 48 hours and I’ve reached out to every source that I could think of to find them and bring them home safely. There is a cash reward for their safe return. My phone number is 419-388-8657. Feel free to contact me with any questions or information. My hopes is that you will read this on the radio and my boys will make it home safely.  Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.


Maizey. Boxer. Black white and brown. Dorr and Reynolds area. Missing since 11/24/20 early morning. 4194908809, 5672775099


Hi my dog got lost about a month ago still looking for him and looking for anything possible to get a word out about him i posted him on Toledo post dogs right away still trying to find anyone that can get a word out about him he is deeply missed thanks


My moms dog jumped out of her arms at Shelly’s Dog Groomer in Wauseon on Cty Rd 14 and J.  He ran across Cty Rd 14 into the cornfield back on Weds 11/11/20. He is a small brown Shih Tzu named Bear. We think he is hiding out in someone’s barn or somebody has taken him in and keeping him safe. My name is Dawn Sullivan thank you for announcing lost dogs on the air..



I’m missing two Great Pyrenees- both males and intact. Hank and Charlie are their names. They went missing on Monday morning. I’ve called shelters and dog Warden’s in the surrounding area with no reports. Several posts have been made on Facebook also. They went missing from Kalida Ohio. They are almost 1 year old. Hank has a camo collar on with no tag and Charlie has no collar on.

My contact information is amber lee- 567-376-0907.


My brothers german sheperd dog Luna has been missing for the last 3 days after jumping their fence in the Silo Meadows neighborhood in Temperance Michigan she was last seen yesterday morning November 10 at Smith Rd.  and Jackman Rd. in the Greenbriar neighborhood.     If you see her do not approach or call for her, call Allison Wilson immediately at 419-779-1349.
Luna is chipped and vaccinated wearing a black leather collar. I have attached a photo of her to this email.
Thank you for your time! Everyone is devastated she is missing.
Please help!!!    We’ve lost our dog.    She ran off during fireworks on the 7th in Woodville, Ohio.

She was spotted on the 8th on state route 163 in Genoa.
She is a tan colored female mastiff.   With a black snout.  (Photo attached).
She is scared and running away from everyone.
If seen PLEASE call us!!! Please don’t approach because she will run.  Please call or send us her location.
Phone number is 419.559.3153



Orange cat, Ollie.  He probably won’t come to you if called.  Maumee/Monclova area. Call Brittany : 419-819-0418



Our cat, Louie, has been missing since 9/17/20 from Winding Way in Swanton. He is two years old, 12 pounds, light orange, and had a green collar on at the time. He is micro-chipped, vaccinated and a little skittish. If seen, please contact Stacy: (419) 690-6545



Found 2 dogs Sylvania twp near Holland Sylvania and Pembridge both pit bulls one black one brown very friendly. Call 248-939-7112


We lost our cat near brint and country walk on Friday, August 9th late at night. She’s a grey tiger cat with declawed front paws. Very friendly and talkative at home. Her name is Pippa and we would love our family member being home again! Call Jill at (419) 388-8907


My dog slipped out her leash late this morning.  She is a white Maltese mix of about 8 lbs.  She was last seen near Byrnedale Elementary School in south Toledo.

She is newly adopted.  Her previous name was Gracie but I call her Sprinkles.  She doesn’t really answer to either name.  Please call Lola at (567)249-8722 if seen.



My Luna is missing she snuck out of my car. She is a Black and White Boston Terrier. When the light hits her fur there is some reddish brindle in with her black markings. She either got back out of my car on Arsen and Starr or she managed so get out of the car near Circle K on Starr and Wheeling. She is an emotional support animal. And greatly missed and needed. I am offering a cash reward her safe return. She has a veteran appointment Tuesday to finish her shots. She had on a pink collar with fake diamonds on it and a small pink name tag with her name my phone and name on it.



Lost our black lab this morning eber rd 20a area with small brown pit please call 419 276 277 thanks

We are missing a Chihuahua mix at the secor and alexis area. He is tan and white with 4 white paws. He went missing August 4th.  His name is Hank but also responds to mr.boops. Any help would be appreciated. His post is on pawboost with contact information.
I found Male American bull dog mon at 11pm collar but no tags or chip took to med vet Jackman n laskey area Toledo contact tara at 4199848278 thanks
















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