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WEDNESDAY 5/9/18:  Happy Mother’s Day from Nashville with some of your favorite country music stars sharing their “Mom” memories…


WEDNESDAY 5/2/18:  Team Blake and Team Mirands have been separated even further thanks to Blake Shelton’s mystery tweet last week.  Was it a shot at Miranda?  You decide:

TUESDAY 5/1/18:  How many pairs of underwear should you own.  Mookie knows, courtesy of Vanity Fair magazine…

8-15 Pairs: 60%

16-30 Pairs: 17%

1-7 Pairs: 11%

30-60 Pairs: 5%

365 Pairs: 3%

WEDNESDAY 4/25/18:  Florida Georgia Line and pop-star Bebe Rexha have the #1 country song in the USA. It’s FGL’s 14th number one song. The song has just received a nomination for Best Country Song.  Here’s more:



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