Toledo Humane Society Featured Cats

The Toledo Humane Society leads the community in efforts focused on relieving the suffering of, preventing cruelty to, and providing for the humane treatment of animals.

Animals come to the Toledo Humane Society in one of three ways: our cruelty department, owner surrender, or transferred from another agency. 

To save time, they encourage interested adopters to print, fill-out, and bring their completed adoption form . Each animal receives a medical exam, age-appropriate vaccines, a microchip, and spay/neuter surgery if necessary before they are available for adoption. 

To learn more about adopting with the Toledo Humane Society click here or call 419-891-0705 ext. 301

Meet Ariana! This sweet lady came in as a pregnant stray! She spent some time in foster care to raise her family and now this friendly girl who loves pets is looking for her own furrever home! Upon arrival, a routine blood test showed a positive result for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) for Ariana. FIV is a virus that causes a weakening of the cat’s immune system. There is no cure or treatment for FIV. FIV+ cats can live a normal life, both in quality and duration, but routine preventative care will be important since they are immune-compromised. It is not contagious to people or dogs. Ariana’s adoption fee has been WAIVED for her new family!! Stop by and meet her today. You’ll be glad you did!

Bruce was surrendered to THS and he is now ready to find his furever home! He is described as mellow, curious, and independent who enjoys head and back scratches. Bruce is overall sweet and mellow but isn’t a huge fan of treats. He previously lived kids aged 3,7 and 10 years old.

Meet Chloe! Chloe was brought to THS as a stray and now she is looking for her furrever home! She can be very shy at first, but she will come out to play once she feels comfortable! Chloe loves toys and especially enjoys cat nip mice and string! Anything she can hide in, like tunnels or boxes, are her favorites! We know with the right family, Chloe can blossom into the sweetest girl!

Speedy arrived to THS as a pregnant stray. She had her kittens in foster care and now this lovely lady is back and ready to go home and be someone’s baby herself!!

After some time in foster care, Speedy developed some patches of hair loss on her ears and abdomen. On closer inspection, we were able to determine that this sweet girl, and wonderful mama to her babies, had contracted Ringworm, a fungal infection of the skin. Lucky for them, this is totally treatable and THS will provide all the necessary tools and knowledge to take care of it!! Speedy may have to go home with medication and will need bathed in a special solution, at least until the infection has cleared. THS will cover all of these medications and provide adopters with detailed instructions on how to care for Speedy, as Ringworm can be contagious to people or other animals. Our adoption counselors will also give you tips for housing, handling, and other care to minimize the risk of spread to family members or other pets.

Sammi Sweetheart came to THS after being brought to MedVet as stray. She quickly became a staff favorite at the vet clinic due to her super sweet personality! This sweet lady is now with us but she hopes to be in your home soon! Stop by and meet Sammi Sweetheart today!

SURI, Upon arrival, a routine blood test showed a positive result for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). The lifespan of an infected FeLV cat is typically 1-3 years after infection. Cats with FeLV may not show obvious symptoms for a period of time, but there is no cure, and treatment can only manage symptoms of illness when the animal becomes symptomatic. FeLV is not contagious to people or dogs. Positive cats will have a weakened immune system, and it will be important that they remain housed indoors only and receive preventative care. A confirmation test has not been performed at this time. An adopter may consider having a repeat test performed in 2-6 months with their primary veterinarian to confirm a true positive result.

Goldie is a four year old male who was found as a stray and he is now ready to find his furever home! He is described as mellow, curious, loving and an independent gent who prefers attention on his own terms. He enjoys having a comfy place to nap and to be involved with everything going on. He does enjoy head pets on his own terms but would rather sit back and watch the party go on. Overall he is a chill guy who would love to relax with you!

Looking for a cool cat? Mick might be your guy! He’s a big, tall boy with sleek grey fur and mesmerizing eyes. He purrs nonstop when he sees you and likes to sit next to you for attention. If he’s had enough, he’ll walk away. But don’t worry, he’ll be back in a couple minutes for more! Most of the time, Mick is content to lounge around, but if he needs to get some exercise, just drag a fishing pole toy across the ground and enjoy watching him get a workout. Don’t let him fool you—he can really move fast when he wants to! And if you break out the treats, he’ll come running. Mick loves treats!! (You might even see him start to drool in excitement.) Although being handled for veterinary care and living at the shelter stressed him out, he’s been a very polite gentleman in his foster home!

Ruthy was originally found as a stray and she is now ready to find her furever home! She is described as loving, mellow, and curious though she prefers to be a lap lover rather then being held. Ruthy loves all kinds of pets and jingle bells, and is very soft. She can be shy at first, but she has a lot of love to give! SHe is not a fan of other cats so she will need to be the only cat in the home!